Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Greek Godess!!!...aka Grecian

......L8ly ive bin buyin dresses(more dan i deffo nid)coz ders gonna b a lot of parties comin up..nd ive fallen for grecian dresses...Greek women used 2 wear a lot of dresses in a draped way...with lots of ruffled bits and stuff....its such a sexy era nd d women were freakin beautiful.....jst d idea dats it has a greek vibe gives off a sexy appeal.....

i rili do lyk dis dress...mayb cos i have d cleavage....lol....buh dis dress is ril sexy..it has an eye open back..(dats dress dat have like an oval whole in d middle with a botton at d top).....i say gladiators for this dress....i actwali fink dey r d only kind of shoes dat go wiv dis dress..i wudnt wear anythin else...
ahhhhh...dis dress is luvly...gr8 4 smaller boobed girls.....i lyk d colour coz its kinda stony.....and d way d dress flows from d middle outwardz actwali adds shape 2 ur body....it makes it luk lyk yhu hav a small waist and biga hips...givin yhu dat sought after figure!!
for some reason dis is actwali ma fave dress in all 3...ma bum is quite on d big side and which girl doesnt want 2 show of their donk...lol.....it really shows of the best part of ur body...i also luv d low neckline....it kinda sings promiscousity..buh it still says sassy if yhu noe wot i mean!!


  1. loooool@ your last comment about the donk
    i don't got no damn donk so i hate the third dress
    it's still sexy doe

    i also hate the second dress because i have big boobs and i know i cannot pull it off lool can i just add that if any girl wants to wear that dress WEAR A DAMN BRA lol i've seen girls in my UNI wear dresses liek that without bras walking around with their nipples showing looking all nasty and shit loool

    i love the first dress

  2. lol...i deffo get wot yhu min bout d second dress..i cnt c me wearin it cos ma boobs will bulge out...lol....dats y i sed its gr8 4 small boobed girls....nd bra is deffo essential...if dey worried bout straps showin den multiway is d way..hehe i rhymed...

  3. I like bein anonymous21 May 2009 at 01:04

    i dint evn noe der woz a name 4 dese dresses...i jst go nd shop.....u must rili know ur fashion ohhh...good job!!

  4. i jst bought a dress very similar 2 d first one.....im a fashionista!!....whoppieeee

  5. i love these kind of dresses...i have one like the third one..in such a peculiar colour.. i luv bunmie!!
    well done!

  6. fank yhu guyz!!!...new post comin up ril soon