Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bodycon!!...oooh la la!!

...........okay so basically d idea of bodycon came to ma head wen a friend of myn was complaining bout her unwanted body flabs(which were incredibly invisible 2 me)....i jst sed "go get a bodycon then"....bodycons were actually worn in the old days to help women fit into them corset dresses(yhu noe d 1 dat dey tie so hard at the back dat d bitches cnt breathe..yes them)....buh now bodycon has been restyled and made not not 2 luk lyk a lingerie but it stil does all d fab work of giving yhu dat sexy shape....althoe it doesnt work miracles.....dnt go near it if yhu are morbidly obese bcoz it wud jst emphasize on ur buldging bits...

i jadore this in yhu cannot go wrong wiv it....its ur all rounder fashion must get...its got d latest 3 features of a dress dat i lyk which are colour blocks,one shoulder and of course the bodycon itself..i alredy have this dress nd so i cnt share wiv yhu where i got it 4rm but dere loads of dresses lyk dis so yhu wud deffo find 1...its so stunning!!

this is is ma second fave out of dis collection...i luv it..luv it...luv it...its so hard 2 explain y i love it so much...its incredibly amazing from the way the colours r outlined in basic simplicity...i just luv it....yhu cant go wrong wiv dis me....its one of dose all eyes on me dresses..its fab!!

if yhu r a frequent reader 2 ma blog yhu wud noe dat i am in love with d 60's and 80's.....dose were d fashion ages and d clothes were amazing..dis super stunning 80’s Bubble gum raspberry pink dress will sure get you noticed for all the right reasons!!! gives ur body an amazing silhouette……its such a classic! in love!!


  1. bodycons r so incredibly sexy..hpe yall lyk it!!

  2. i loveee it!!!
    bunmi when i come to jand...we're defo going shopping together...ok??
    dnt want no storiesss!!!

  3. I adore the first dress
    i rlly like it
    its gorgeous
    and i like the last one as well
    i like the fact that introduce the 80s in ur blog
    i like alot of things on this blog

  4. awwie fanks guyz...dee no probz mehn....i luv shoppin!!....koro u make me smile...fanks hun!!..apprec8 it!!!

  5. wow...omg...bunmi i luv this....i love all d dresses especially the first 1....its so kul....we hav 2 plan our own shoppin trip as well ohh.....

  6. y d fuck wud u com 2 her blog and say such.....kai...bunmi i naw c y u didnt want 2 do dis and invite fucked up nigerians....bitches need 2 fuck off!!

  7. Tee..ahn ahn..y bother urself...ders no biggie...ppl r allowed 2 say woteva dey want..its all own is if ur soo brave 2 write shit plz also drop ur name abi...its kl still gonna b a major FASHIONISTA!! doin dis 4 d ppl who need help wiv fashion...i enjoy productivity...h8ers can die!

  8. if u dnt care y did u delete d omment.....fat fool. myname is tumi

  9. tumi???...hahahahahahha...pure bull...full name bitch....nd i dnt blive big fuckin ass boobs makes someone obese...buh fank yhu ass wipe i luv ma humps and lumps....yhu need therapy trust me cos tryin 2 make som1 feel lyk shit ent gonna make yhu feel better....yhu mite wanna pray 2 God as well 2 help yhu called tumi..mscheew

  10. loool....bunmi insted of u 2 delete her comment and move swiftly on and forget such idiots...y u evn arguin wiv her...abeg i luv ur blog 4 its so interesting....i dnt evn care if u were anorexic or a sumo wrestler as lng as ur blog gives gr8 fashion advice ur still a baller....plz tumi find ur square root and get a stepping!!!

  11. c craziness...plz who d fuck is dis tumi bbe....r u lost??....did u hit ur head and loose all important memory coz u seem very misplaced...abeg abeg we dnt want ur stupid fucked up comments on dis i did not come here 2 read som1s stupid feelings...i came 4 d post....and talking bout the post i have 2 give u a high 5 bunmi...i love all d dresses...its fucking sick!!....brap brap!!

  12. hahahahaha....yhu guyz crack me up like MAJOR!!.....Keesha d fool must deffo b lost...tellin me shes tumi...who d fuck is tumi???...i noe only 1 tumi and she cnt evn try dis.....talkless of putin her name...mscheww...giv me a last name ode....fankz 4 d comments thoe....luv yhuuuuu!!

    Tumi why don't you bury yourself
    because it is obvious you do not have a fucking life
    how can you hate on a fashion blog
    how about you hop off a damn cliff
    and drown in a sea of 'we don't give a fuck about you' fucktard!!!

  14. lool...plz tell her ohhh....mayb she finks dat naw im gonna go and slit ma wrist bcoz so called "tumi" doesnt lyk me nd ma blog....mschewww...

  15. i luv ur blog b....its really cooooool...luv bodycons shape jst coms out beta...gr8 post 4 d tumi babe i dnt think ur head is screwed on tightly!

  16. 1st time here
    I'm totally in love with this dresses
    I need one myself :)

  17. lool...fank yhu chi chi...apprec8 it!!

  18. tumi plz take a gud look at the header den drown urself..hisss