Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Luv ma Boyfriend!!

Style of the week=Boyfriend Everything

yhu do not have to always wear that slinky dress to luk absolutely amazing...somtyms dat laid back toussled hair,baggy jeans really works!!

change ur girlie beanie or berets for this slouchy boy beanies... keira knightley is a huge fan of em!!

wear a plain tee...not too fitted cos yhu dnt c guys wearin babydoll tees naw(xcept for d xtraordinary few)...yhu can wear it a lil bit off d shoulder to give dat sexual appeal if yhu want!!

team it up with a boyfriend blazer...MUST HAVE MUST HAVE !!!....

slouchy boyfriend jeans always luks hot with heels..like seriously..buh if ur not too comfy or yhu jst wanna lounge wear babydoll shoes(really cute flat pumps)
team it up with fingerless gloves for that edgy look....lady gaga luvs em!!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Just a thought!

For a while ive been thinking of designing a few of my own things but im scared to start just in case i get bored or im absolutely shit at it...im gonna give it a go thoe...gosta buy ma sewing machine nd materials soonish...fingers crossed!!