Sunday, 9 May 2010


I know i havnt blogged in ageeesss!!..jst been so busy lately!!..deff gonna giv som updates soon!! working on something!!..stay tuned!! :-)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Soft Couture!!!

i was like i havent blogged in ages!!!!...den i was like gotta give ma blog readers som updates and the first thing dat came to ma mind was here we go!!.:)

the main reason i love couture is cos it has bold statements!!!...walk in2 a club and ud fuckin get noticed!!..mostly only 4 the braves thoe!!..yhu gotta keep ur head up 2 rock a couture dress!!!..cos trust me der will be stares!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Futuristic Fashionistas!!!

hey luvies!!!

ok futuristic fashionistas!! sure som of yhu r lyk wot d hell is bumsha on about naw!!...well futuristic fashionistas is all about the innovative wot wud i b wearing in 10 years 4rm naw..fink of it like this..10 years ago..did yhu fink gladiator heels wud b in fashion or yhud be dying for a pair of jeggings!!..nahhh yhu dint! basically futuristic fashionistas r ppl dat are ahead of times nd create fyaaaa wiv outfits dat yhu wudnt really see everyday..fink Lady Gaga!! :)

p.s Lady Gaga is somtyms too futuristic buh she rocks!!

wen i saw dis dress!!..i was lyk waow...i luv reminded me of dis babe i noe(Mimi) and i have no odea why!!...i just saw it and i thot of her...i guess cos dey both hott!!..nehooo dis dress is deffo in-style a must get..its not really showcased buh i give it a couple of months and every1 wud want a bold statement dress....i luv the monochrome sleeves!!

like waowezeeee!!...these speak noo shouts "FUTURISTIC" the oversised bow/polka dots/platform/chunky heels all in one shoe jst is 2 if yhu dnt like it i understand!!...buh serzly broaden ur minds...dey r so fuckin hawt!!..

SHIFT DRESSES!!..ok som ppl need 2 get of the P of skin tight clothes...dis is d new Q!!...i totally luv dis particular one cos it reminds me of african traditional prints...WHEN i start ma line id deffo b makin stuff like this!!....luv the print!!
althoe yhu cant see the back this is actwali a ringmaster jacket!!(yhu noe d cloaks in them days dat had a long tail)...som of yhu r probli sayin "dat is so 1950" and ur deffo rite..IT IS!!..dats d best fing about fashion...its a damn merry-go-round...just like ppl get off, som ppl get on and som ppl just stay on..its d same with fashion buh insted of ppl its clothes and accesories!!...dts y im always looking out 4 pics of ma mum wen she was yunga(major fashionista)!!!

for all yhu retro lovers!!..yhu cant get any outfit more futuristic and retro in the same outfit(ok im exaggerating a lil bit)!!...i luveth the pockets and the shiny studs...not too keen on the material thoe...buh i guess its cos im still holding on 2 d "IN" fashion!!...nd i luv the corset underlayers which yhu can slightly see in the hemmings(ok i sound like a

Monday, 28 December 2009

Short Black Dress!! aka SBD

i absolutely jadore this bestie disagrees wiv me thoe.. buh dats fashion wot yhu like som1 else mite 4 me i think its incredibly hawt!!..luv d embelished sequins!!..d patterns are fab!!!
i love dis simple dress!!..i luv the graphic and the shoulders like WAOW!!...
yhu cant go wrong wiv dis dress!!...the white line details accentuate shapes yhu have or gives yhu a shape yhu dnt have...dress is hawt sha!!

every1 noes im obsessed wiv bodycon dresses!!!...i luv the way the silver studs r aligned!! just makes the dress all that hawter!!!

Monday, 21 December 2009


Sequin Mesh Back Mini Dress- luv dis dress..lyk dayuuum....

Red Sequined Leggings-woweeezeee!!..only 4 d brave!!..i have a purple pair and i havnt worn em yet!!..i nid 2 stop being a pussy tbh and just wear em!!..dat mite b ma next clubbin outfit ;)

Sequin blazer-i luv d Classic boyfriend shape and the cropped sleeves!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I need 2 b spanked!!

ok i noe i need a good spanking cos i havent blogged in ageeeees......its skl work nd party stress laptop malfunction etc..yes i noe excuses excuses!!..buh im bak with full force naw bubbas....dnt go 2 far...bumsha will b bak with a new post soonish :)..missd yhu guys i must confess!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Luv ma Boyfriend!!

Style of the week=Boyfriend Everything

yhu do not have to always wear that slinky dress to luk absolutely amazing...somtyms dat laid back toussled hair,baggy jeans really works!!

change ur girlie beanie or berets for this slouchy boy beanies... keira knightley is a huge fan of em!!

wear a plain tee...not too fitted cos yhu dnt c guys wearin babydoll tees naw(xcept for d xtraordinary few)...yhu can wear it a lil bit off d shoulder to give dat sexual appeal if yhu want!!

team it up with a boyfriend blazer...MUST HAVE MUST HAVE !!!....

slouchy boyfriend jeans always luks hot with seriously..buh if ur not too comfy or yhu jst wanna lounge wear babydoll shoes(really cute flat pumps)
team it up with fingerless gloves for that edgy look....lady gaga luvs em!!