Monday, 28 December 2009

Short Black Dress!! aka SBD

i absolutely jadore this bestie disagrees wiv me thoe.. buh dats fashion wot yhu like som1 else mite 4 me i think its incredibly hawt!!..luv d embelished sequins!!..d patterns are fab!!!
i love dis simple dress!!..i luv the graphic and the shoulders like WAOW!!...
yhu cant go wrong wiv dis dress!!...the white line details accentuate shapes yhu have or gives yhu a shape yhu dnt have...dress is hawt sha!!

every1 noes im obsessed wiv bodycon dresses!!!...i luv the way the silver studs r aligned!! just makes the dress all that hawter!!!


  1. i like!!...a lot!!!

  2. hotttttttttttttttttttttttt!!...ur a real fashionista bumsha!!

  3. fank yhuuuu!!..i blusheth bubba!!

  4. i love all 4 dresses!! dannng!!!...luvin 1,3 and 4 very much!!...double dannnng!!

  5. SEXY DRESSES!!!...i want the 3rd 1!!..NOOWWWWWW!!..hit me up wiv d store b!!