Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Futuristic Fashionistas!!!

hey luvies!!!

ok futuristic fashionistas!!..im sure som of yhu r lyk wot d hell is bumsha on about naw!!...well futuristic fashionistas is all about the innovative creations...like wot wud i b wearing in 10 years 4rm naw..fink of it like this..10 years ago..did yhu fink gladiator heels wud b in fashion or yhud be dying for a pair of jeggings!!..nahhh yhu dint!...so basically futuristic fashionistas r ppl dat are ahead of times nd create fyaaaa wiv outfits dat yhu wudnt really see everyday..fink Lady Gaga!! :)

p.s Lady Gaga is somtyms too futuristic buh she rocks!!

wen i saw dis dress!!..i was lyk waow...i luv it..it reminded me of dis babe i noe(Mimi) and i have no odea why!!...i just saw it and i thot of her...i guess cos dey both hott!!..nehooo dis dress is deffo in-style a must get..its not really showcased buh i give it a couple of months and every1 wud want a bold statement dress....i luv the monochrome sleeves!!

like waowezeeee!!...these speak noo shouts "FUTURISTIC"...like the oversised bow/polka dots/platform/chunky heels all in one shoe jst is 2 mahd..like if yhu dnt like it i understand!!...buh serzly broaden ur minds...dey r so fuckin hawt!!..

SHIFT DRESSES!!..ok som ppl need 2 get of the P of skin tight clothes...dis is d new Q!!...i totally luv dis particular one cos it reminds me of african traditional prints...WHEN i start ma line id deffo b makin stuff like this!!....luv the print!!
althoe yhu cant see the back this is actwali a ringmaster jacket!!(yhu noe d cloaks in them days dat had a long tail)...som of yhu r probli sayin "dat is so 1950" and ur deffo rite..IT IS!!..dats d best fing about fashion...its a damn merry-go-round...just like ppl get off, som ppl get on and som ppl just stay on..its d same with fashion buh insted of ppl its clothes and accesories!!...dts y im always looking out 4 pics of ma mum wen she was yunga(major fashionista)!!!

for all yhu retro lovers!!..yhu cant get any outfit more futuristic and retro in the same outfit(ok im exaggerating a lil bit)!!...i luveth the pockets and the shiny studs...not too keen on the material thoe...buh i guess its cos im still holding on 2 d "IN" fashion!!...nd i luv the corset underlayers which yhu can slightly see in the hemmings(ok i sound like a tailor..lol.)


  1. bumsha ur so incredible!!..i wish i had fashion sense like you!!..i luv everything apart 4rm d last dress which im kinda willing to try thoe!!...lol...gud work!!

  2. i looooooooooooooooove the shoes!!.....

  3. awww fank yhu anonymous somebody!!...i blush!!!

    Molade i noe rite!!...like DOUBLE SHETT!!!!

  4. hott!!..i cant w8 4 ur fashion line 2 start!!..i wud b ur numba 1 customer!!

  5. fanks Lara...awww im so happy!!..@ least id noe i have a customer!!...lol....fanks b!!


  7. i luv..i need..i want!!...HOOK UP BUMSHA!!...first dress and tha shoes!!!

  8. :) :)

    i noe d shoes gotta b ma fave in this post!!!

    Teena we'll discuss later!!

    fanks guys!!...