Monday, 28 December 2009

Short Black Dress!! aka SBD

i absolutely jadore this bestie disagrees wiv me thoe.. buh dats fashion wot yhu like som1 else mite 4 me i think its incredibly hawt!!..luv d embelished sequins!!..d patterns are fab!!!
i love dis simple dress!!..i luv the graphic and the shoulders like WAOW!!...
yhu cant go wrong wiv dis dress!!...the white line details accentuate shapes yhu have or gives yhu a shape yhu dnt have...dress is hawt sha!!

every1 noes im obsessed wiv bodycon dresses!!!...i luv the way the silver studs r aligned!! just makes the dress all that hawter!!!

Monday, 21 December 2009


Sequin Mesh Back Mini Dress- luv dis dress..lyk dayuuum....

Red Sequined Leggings-woweeezeee!!..only 4 d brave!!..i have a purple pair and i havnt worn em yet!!..i nid 2 stop being a pussy tbh and just wear em!!..dat mite b ma next clubbin outfit ;)

Sequin blazer-i luv d Classic boyfriend shape and the cropped sleeves!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I need 2 b spanked!!

ok i noe i need a good spanking cos i havent blogged in ageeeees......its skl work nd party stress laptop malfunction etc..yes i noe excuses excuses!!..buh im bak with full force naw bubbas....dnt go 2 far...bumsha will b bak with a new post soonish :)..missd yhu guys i must confess!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Luv ma Boyfriend!!

Style of the week=Boyfriend Everything

yhu do not have to always wear that slinky dress to luk absolutely amazing...somtyms dat laid back toussled hair,baggy jeans really works!!

change ur girlie beanie or berets for this slouchy boy beanies... keira knightley is a huge fan of em!!

wear a plain tee...not too fitted cos yhu dnt c guys wearin babydoll tees naw(xcept for d xtraordinary few)...yhu can wear it a lil bit off d shoulder to give dat sexual appeal if yhu want!!

team it up with a boyfriend blazer...MUST HAVE MUST HAVE !!!....

slouchy boyfriend jeans always luks hot with seriously..buh if ur not too comfy or yhu jst wanna lounge wear babydoll shoes(really cute flat pumps)
team it up with fingerless gloves for that edgy look....lady gaga luvs em!!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Just a thought!

For a while ive been thinking of designing a few of my own things but im scared to start just in case i get bored or im absolutely shit at gonna give it a go thoe...gosta buy ma sewing machine nd materials soonish...fingers crossed!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Shoe Booties!!...

my latest lusts~~~~~~~>shoe boties!!!!...I cannnnnnnot stop buyin em...dey extremely gorgeous nd sassy..althoe hard to walk in wen ur feelin cold nd cnt fell ur who gives a shit..ur fuckin sexxxy!!...c how hyper im gettin over buh serzly shoe booties is an essential commodity now for all yhu readers...i command yhu 2 go out and buy 3!!!!...ok im gonna blog about ones i had fallen in love with and im goin shoppin and im buyin one of em...dey all gonna be from my fave designer of shoes rite naw Christian Louboutin!!...shett!! his shoes!!!

here we go!!!

Christian Louboutin C'est Moi.......i jadore 2 much...dese r d ones im gonna get...i luv d colour and d alluring steep of the heel..i luv em luv em!!

Moulage begginin to luv shoes that have that plastic shiny kinda look...before i was suede lover and i still am tbh....dese caught ma eye cos of d platforms...platforms r sooo in..yhu need to grab a pair of platform heels...dey make ur leg luk longer and sexilly thinner!!!
Mamanouk Louboutin....suede!!!!....i luv reminds me of what dem danish dancers normally sista has dem nd dey actually really comfortable to walk in cos dey also have platforms like the one above..buh their ones r hidden so yhu can decieve pll...(evil ppl fink ur wearin 5 inches of stilleto heels buh ur really jst wearin 3 inches!!...
Louboutin Fifre...des r actually my second fave in this bunch.....i luv sailor colours rite naw(navy blue,white and red)....i wud wear dese deffo!!
Miss Clichy Louboutin...leopard prints r in..infact all prints r in...floral,zebra,acid wash,grafike plaits....dey all in....buh i luv leopard more.....wear with a black dress nd black tights(70 demier)...very sexy indeed!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


i was actually bored!!!!..just a lil sumin i was finkin ov!!

Black Stud Leather Jacket
studded leather jacket...gr8 4 waist defining!!
  • Petites Frill Java Shift Dress

i luv it luv it luv it.....i luv d frills!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Sci-fi Sexy!

i jadore.....luv d shoulders nd d print!!!......dis is d ultimate party dress!!!....
sequins r back...get used to it!!!....plz dnt go out wiv all sequined clothing nd thereby blind us...only 1 sequin apparel at a time!!
studs, platforms,gladiator straps,colour= sexy shoes!!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

The Denim Regime!!!

Luk around....ders something to do wiv denim everywer...dresses.....tops...skirts....jackets...evn shoes!!!!....bumsha noes wer 2 go 2 get yhu d l8est.....stay tuned!!!....xoxo

soooo here we are!!!

....i absolutely jadore faded jeans......c my girlie/major fashionista koro rocking them out on a party freakin hawt!!
ok yh we all know im obsessed with jumpsuits...why wnt i be thoe...i luv d mechanic/engineer luk..its 2 sexy!!

ACID WASH JEANS!!! luv...i have 3 pairs!!! hawt!!!

ASOS Dart Body Con Dressluv luv luv luv...bodycon dresses r so d ish...yhu all need to get urself at least one

got som sexy parties comin up nd trust me ill deffo upload pics here....mwahh!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009





Thursday, 17 September 2009

My feet luk Golden!!....

Studded Suede Tie Back!!...dese r my favourite in the whole selection!!...luv d way d studs r applied...nd suede is the new leather for hawt!!

simply fab!!...its got a simple design buh its suede and i luv d block gold platforms!!

ma second fave in the whole selection!!.. i normally dont go 4 most peeped toed shoes buh i luv dese ones nd i luv d criss cross straps...nd d gold details....

these caught my eye bcos of how many straps they have...i luv em!!...d only thing is dat if im gonna wear em i have 2 kip em on bcos doin all dem straps in a club is gonna b work!! sis calls em slave shoes!!

Monday, 7 September 2009


how can yhu not love dis in serzly?? can yhu not.......yhu do hav 2 b brave thoe cos its like "spandexy" material......dose elongated sequin embellished shoulders(yh i stole dat 4rm d online page) r so in fashion rite naw....lady gagas really into it and for those babes with alred broad shoulders...ur lucky innit.....

off shoulder dresses r really sexy especially when yhu hav a great Décolletage..dats the space btw ur neck nd boobs..ur cleavage is also part of it....i luv it cos yhu dnt reveal 2 much buh yhu stil luk hawt....althoe dis dress is a lil bit revealin...i still luv it thoe..nd its in fave clothes dat is....hawt hawt!!

i sooo luv...its all bout shoulder statement so im not gonna say nuthin bout d dress....i wudnt buy it in white thoe...the shoulders r lyk d kinds i lyk..yhu noe d ones dat hav a boxed front look....i luv d ones dat make ur shoulders look enlongated nd wide...wierd rite??...oh well fashion is wierd!!

yes bumsha brought anoda blazer...if ur rily in2 fashion yhu wud noe dat boy blazers r rili catchin on..infact boys clothing r really in fashion basically with dis blazer yhu achieve 2 fashion "must haves"....i luv her hair!!

GO GET URS!!!.....more comin soon!!