Tuesday, 22 September 2009





Thursday, 17 September 2009

My feet luk Golden!!....

Studded Suede Tie Back!!...dese r my favourite in the whole selection!!...luv d way d studs r applied...nd suede is the new leather for shoes..so hawt!!

simply fab!!...its got a simple design buh its suede and i luv d block gold platforms!!

ma second fave in the whole selection!!.. i normally dont go 4 most peeped toed shoes buh i luv dese ones nd i luv d criss cross straps...nd d gold details....

these caught my eye bcos of how many straps they have...i luv em!!...d only thing is dat if im gonna wear em i have 2 kip em on bcos doin all dem straps in a club is gonna b work!!..ma sis calls em slave shoes!!..lol

Monday, 7 September 2009


how can yhu not love dis jumpsuit...as in serzly??....how can yhu not.......yhu do hav 2 b brave thoe cos its like "spandexy" material......dose elongated sequin embellished shoulders(yh i stole dat 4rm d online page) r so in fashion rite naw....lady gagas really into it and for those babes with alred broad shoulders...ur lucky innit.....

off shoulder dresses r really sexy especially when yhu hav a great Décolletage..dats the space btw ur neck nd boobs..ur cleavage is also part of it....i luv it cos yhu dnt reveal 2 much buh yhu stil luk hawt....althoe dis dress is a lil bit revealin...i still luv it thoe..nd its in jade....my fave colour...in clothes dat is....hawt hawt!!

i sooo luv...its all bout shoulder statement so im not gonna say nuthin bout d dress....i wudnt buy it in white thoe...the shoulders r lyk d kinds i lyk..yhu noe d ones dat hav a boxed front look....i luv d ones dat make ur shoulders look enlongated nd wide...wierd rite??...oh well fashion is wierd!!

yes bumsha brought anoda blazer...if ur rily in2 fashion yhu wud noe dat boy blazers r rili catchin on..infact boys clothing r really in fashion nowadays.....so basically with dis blazer yhu achieve 2 fashion "must haves"....i luv her hair!!

GO GET URS!!!.....more comin soon!!

Friday, 4 September 2009


Request numba 3:

Evry1 has a particular set of fashion icons dat yhu wannna c wot new things dey r wearin or wot dey bought lately..i have loads dat i kip track of but my top 5 r as follow:

At lucky numba 5: Jourdan Dunn
I luv her fashion sense...shes freakin amazin....i guess it does help dat shes a model too...she has dat quirky style dat i lyk..she basically luvs shimmery silky things nd puts dem together in a way dat shudnt work but always does!!..shes cool!!...nd shes peculiarly gawj!!

At lucky numba 4: Daisy Lowe
she has an amazin style...i like her bcos of her vintage look....she still has dat farm personal in her so her style always reflects it....i luv d blouse n skirt luk she pulled off in d first pic....nd d Mac in d second pic is on point!

At lucky numba 3: The Geldofs

The Geldof girls Peaches and Pixie r major fashion icons....apart from their "bad girl" activities dey r truly known for their taste in fashion...dey reflect their personalities in woteva dey wear wich makes their fashion their own fashion..if yhu get wot i mean....

At lucky numba 4: Tyra Banks

ahhhhhhh...who doesnt luv dis supermodel...shes agwj and has an amazing figure....ive neva seen an outfit of tyra dat id b lyk wot yhu wearin.....i memba makin a sketch of all d outfits she wore on season 8 of ANTM nd tryin 2 buy a similar one....so freakin fab...she deserves ma numba 2 spot deffo!!

Finally my luckiest numba 1: Janelle Monae
Number 1 fashion icon no doubt...i dnt evn noe y she ent dat popular...shes freakin gawj and her style is soo neeky.....i wnt lie i wudnt b able 2 wear all dat she wears bcos im not dat brave or have i got her physique buh she rocks!!!..shes apparently comin up wiv a fashion line so lets w8 nd c!!

Keep the request coming.....new posts up soon!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Navy......So Sexxay!!

Navy is soooo the new black.....i dnt actually hav dat much navy coloured stuff buh i shud.....im gonna make it my aim wen goin shopping next....

i luv the tailoring on this military blazer..nd i lyk d finishin details as well such as d embroidery...its bloody fab!!

who sed cos its cold we have 2 go out in ponchos.....sexxay winter wear 4 yhu rite here!!!....i luv d colour colour block combination.....yhu noe how black nd white is so hyped up nd naw its kinda borin...yhu shud substitute d black wiv navy(or jade...i luv jade nd white)....
i am sooo in luv wiv dese brogue shoes by harajuku lovers....i luv d chunky heels soo much....ur heels dnt have 2 b as thin as a pencil lead...yhu hav 2 find d balance...thin long ones r nice(stilletos) nd fat long ones r also sikk(chunkies)....i really hate fat or thin short heels...dey jst ugly tbh....dey luk oddd!!!!....navy nd red is really retro in a way especially because it reminds me of sailing in d 70's....60s-80s r d fashion decades.