Friday, 4 September 2009


Request numba 3:

Evry1 has a particular set of fashion icons dat yhu wannna c wot new things dey r wearin or wot dey bought lately..i have loads dat i kip track of but my top 5 r as follow:

At lucky numba 5: Jourdan Dunn
I luv her fashion sense...shes freakin amazin....i guess it does help dat shes a model too...she has dat quirky style dat i lyk..she basically luvs shimmery silky things nd puts dem together in a way dat shudnt work but always does!!..shes cool!!...nd shes peculiarly gawj!!

At lucky numba 4: Daisy Lowe
she has an amazin style...i like her bcos of her vintage look....she still has dat farm personal in her so her style always reflects it....i luv d blouse n skirt luk she pulled off in d first pic....nd d Mac in d second pic is on point!

At lucky numba 3: The Geldofs

The Geldof girls Peaches and Pixie r major fashion icons....apart from their "bad girl" activities dey r truly known for their taste in fashion...dey reflect their personalities in woteva dey wear wich makes their fashion their own fashion..if yhu get wot i mean....

At lucky numba 4: Tyra Banks

ahhhhhhh...who doesnt luv dis supermodel...shes agwj and has an amazing figure....ive neva seen an outfit of tyra dat id b lyk wot yhu wearin.....i memba makin a sketch of all d outfits she wore on season 8 of ANTM nd tryin 2 buy a similar freakin fab...she deserves ma numba 2 spot deffo!!

Finally my luckiest numba 1: Janelle Monae
Number 1 fashion icon no doubt...i dnt evn noe y she ent dat popular...shes freakin gawj and her style is soo neeky.....i wnt lie i wudnt b able 2 wear all dat she wears bcos im not dat brave or have i got her physique buh she rocks!!!..shes apparently comin up wiv a fashion line so lets w8 nd c!!

Keep the request posts up soon!!


  1. i lyk dat janelle babes style..who is she??

  2. i only noe 3 up there...nd ive only heard of dem i dnt evn noe much bout dem..buh i googled nd saw som pictures nd i luv dier fashion senses especially d janelle babe

  3. noice!!....bumsha u hav taste ohhh...luvin dis top 5 v.much....eva shud hav been 1 ov ur top 5 tho dat girl is amazing!!!

  4. I LIKE A LOT...i thought u wer gonna do cheryl cole or kate moss or something like dat..hisss..i wud hav been like dats copy dis i like a people dat r fashion coool!!!...dose geldof babes r gud fashionistas but dey wild as hell!!

  5. :)....SEXILY COOL!!

  6. fank yhu luvers!!...janelle is an upcoming star in us....shes got afew songs out buh ent dat big......shes major kl...

    @ keesha..haha...cheryl coles got style buh i wanted 2 expose ppl 2 otha famous ppl dat have so tired of hearin sienna miller!!...althoe shes such a fashionista!!

    fanks thoe ppl!!....much luv!!

  7. i luv tyras jumpsuit!!

  8. me 2!!...tyras fuckin sexy.....dat jumpsuit is 2 mad!!!

  9. me 3....tyras deffo a sexy fashionista!!

  10. wot bout jada smith??..shes actually gud as well!!

  11. tru tru....buh dese r d unique ones dat ppl dnt rili noe about!

  12. Janelle is amazing.!!
    i love her