Thursday, 17 September 2009

My feet luk Golden!!....

Studded Suede Tie Back!!...dese r my favourite in the whole selection!!...luv d way d studs r applied...nd suede is the new leather for hawt!!

simply fab!!...its got a simple design buh its suede and i luv d block gold platforms!!

ma second fave in the whole selection!!.. i normally dont go 4 most peeped toed shoes buh i luv dese ones nd i luv d criss cross straps...nd d gold details....

these caught my eye bcos of how many straps they have...i luv em!!...d only thing is dat if im gonna wear em i have 2 kip em on bcos doin all dem straps in a club is gonna b work!! sis calls em slave shoes!!


  1. OMG SHOES.!!
    i love the first one and the third one

  2. oh dis makes me sad..if i could buy all d shoes in the world ill b so feelin d 3rd 1 sha...luvin ur blog bumsha as alwayz!!

  3. oh blatthy!!....i luv numba 3..its so goooooorge....nd unique...coolest blog i know rite here!!

  4. yaaay uve done my request!!...:)

    ahn u guys wot about d oda 1s...

    shoe1:its obviously the best in the batch...i min luk at it..its callin ur name..ive bin starring at it since...

    shoe2:dts actually my 2nd fav...i luv the fact that the heels r lyk golden chunks..its so cool and simple and i noe suede is so in rite naw..bught a pair of yellow suedes 4rm new mahd

    shoe3:im gonna call dem sexy biker shoes...u noe dem biker girls buh r also sexy...dey make me feel like wearin a leather jacket,wetlook tights and a white rock top....dey r so cool

    shoe 4...hahahaha slave shoe..ur sis is funny..buh i do lyk dem but som1 lyk me dat im always removin shoe at party dey wud irrit8 me dat i have 2 sit and spend 10 mins jst 2 remove and another 10 2 later wear....sigh..buh i luv dem wen dey r worn!!

    i feel like d assistant fashionista of

    girl u hav som sexy taste!!


  6. temi ur so silly..which dety assistant...dats me mehn!!

  7. damn damn damn...i luv ur blog....first tym here nd its so more on shoes i luv shoes...i wud do a blog only only on shoes!!