Thursday, 14 May 2009


d 1 fing i luv bout fashion is dat ders something 4 evry1.....rockers, girly girls, tomboys, petite, goths, punks, volumptous and d fashionistaz.....rite naw i have MASSIVE luv for floral and especially since summer is sloooowly approachin..
firsrt impression=who stole ma grandma's curtains.....second impression=dey wud luk nice wiv heels thoe....5th impression= MUST GET.......floral designs tend to remind me of old fabrics but dat jst adds 2 d retro look i reckon...i do fink dis dress is fab and fashion is all bout takin risks and seein wot works....althoe if dis is 2 risky 4 yhu try dis 1...
dis i is not too flowery so it wnt get yhu d full attention buh itz ultra talkng serious boobage here...after all if yhu got it flaunt it...if yhu ent got a bum dresses like dis r NOT 4 yhu...STAY AWAY!!'ll jst make yhu luk flatter!!


  1. ur so first impression of floral woz like hell no but its actwali rili fab....i like both dresses..u cud wear dem as random summer afternoon stuff or night out stuff....luvin it!!....

  2. OH
    yes floral is def. in
    i have a floral skirt
    yayy me lol
    mehn Bunmi nothing do you at all!!!

  3. Ore we r deffo on d same page mehn.....fanks hun.......Koro ur just a major fashionista...NOTHING DO US!!! bbe!

  4. Truuuuueeeeee....floral is sooooo in vogue rite naw....i first mocked it wen it came out but im really likin some of d not a dardevil so i think d second dress is more like me!!.i luv dis!!

  5. i love dis makes me feel like going shopping rite naw....

  6. i love floral dresses!!!
    super gorge!
    this is lovely...

  7. fank yhu all......floral dresses r deffo super gorge.......

  8. Florals are sexy
    no doubt!