Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Make Up Essentials(mini post)

fashion ent all about clothes and shoes and jewellery....make up is a very essential commodity....yh blah blah som ppl hav natural beautiful skin and dnt need foundation but foundation ent d only thing yhu can use 2 beautify urself.....i dcided 2 do a mini post on make up coz as chocolate skinned girlz its kinda hard 2 find d right products 4 our skin....buh its alrite im here 2 help.....

1.A MUST HAVE!!!!!!
As girls we must have lipgloss...ders no 2-way bout neva seen without lipgloss and ma fave ones r cover girl lippys.....even if you decide u hate make up lipgloss shud b an exception...ders jst something bout glossy lips dat makes us luk dat extra sexy... especially if yhu have d pout 2 go wiv me on dis....guys also lyk gloss but pls dnt luk lyk u cud fry sussage on ur lips....try d flavoured ones....


yhu wud fink dat evry girl wud noe dat cleansers are d numba 1 secret to smooth faces(facials=exception) buh nooooo....facial wipes r rili gud 2 clean off make up,sweat,and bacterial dirt which yhu wud hav gotten 4rm ur day....i luv usin simple coz it mosturises ur face as well so yhu dnt have to mosturise afta and basically oil up ur face agen...also i wud say Clearasil facial cleansers should be used after wipin ur me all dem pimples would clear in 3 days...try it...and lastly Powder(Johnsons baby powder)at night protects ur skin!!

okay i noe black ppl r rili skeptical bout foundation cos lets face it der ent dat much range of dark coloured foundation and ur alwayz scarred of choosin a diffi colour dan ur face....well im a huge fan of M.A.C....yhu jst cnt go wrong wiv it..dey have a wide range 4 dark skinned girls and its so natural..its v.hard 2 tel weva ur wearin make up or not(ive gotten away wiv it millions of tymz)...i luv d Studio Fix Fluid coz d coverage is medium so its perfect and u dnt melt in d sun or luk ultra oily......ive heard maybeline gud aswel buh it kept staininin ma colars and comin off and M.A.C doesnt do dat!!

WILL BE BACK WIV FURTHER BODY BEAUTY TIPS!!! wori ma clothing post will b up by 2maw!!!


  1. cover girl lipgloss is rili nyc and so is MK
    neva leav ma house widout em luv em both....
    its tru u noe....wen i started usin foundation i was rili scared dat d colour mite b different 4rm ma skin nd dat it wud b 2 obvious...i also use a big fan of their Mineralize Satinfinish....dats really hawt!!

  2. e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss in Vixen and Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Just Kiss Me! Glossy Lip Balm r d lipglosses 2 fuckin die for..dey make ur lips so freakn poutish...dey attract bois so easily..fuckin

    bunmi u just made my day
    I love COVER GIRL
    never leave home without my wetslicks (in the picture)
    yayy me :):)

    I have facial wipes as well... they are really helpful like for reals
    and I use M.A.C studio fix.. like i was scared as well when i started using foundation but it bends in with my skin so it's whatever!

    i love this blog
    when I'm done with finals it's back to blogsville for me

  4. oh yh d satinfinish edition is quite nyc ive heard buh ive neva tried it......Tee ur so rite e.l.f is fuckin amazin buh dey only sell it in yankz i fink coz ive neva seen it here...i luv d Candy Apple color..ts freakin sexy.....ive neva actually tried the VS one buh im sure its kewl...after all Victoria Secret is d ish!!

  5. ohh i like..definitely would be trying out soe of your tips!

  6. Whoop u make me laff...yh i noe rite bloggin wil hav 2 chill 4 a while...fankz thoe.....nd thank yhu Mz Eniola.....mucho apprec8d

  7. about maybeline nd always messin up ur clothes. thts jst too true, . u jst nid to see sum of my old skool books !......... nice blog thoo,keep it up :)