Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Its Maxi time!!!

If yhu realise summer is comin neara and d sun is i thut....wot wud i wear 2 cruise casually around..den maxis came 2 mind!!!

The first floral maxi is by Coco Ribbon....they tend to be in luv wiv vibrant colours and it shoes int his maxi....itz £575.......d second(top right) one is from my fav shop atm...Monsoon....its less floral..nd its gr8 4 ppl wiv £110....nd d lst one caught my eye jst 4rm d famous New Look and it only £35...


  1. oh i do like d black/white one...but im not really a fashion guru so i wouldnt know how 2 accesorize it..any ideas??

  2. personally i wud wear maxi durin hot hot weather so basically wiv d black and white ones i wud wear huge white bracelets,white sandals or nice flip flops and because the dress is halter i wud put ma hair up...4 dis dress i say less jewellery!!!..hope i helped!!

  3. OMG
    i cannot WAIT
    to buy these dresses and wear them in naij
    when i go back and also in new york when i come back
    and i totally agree with the flipflops/sandals and the hair up
    me likeyy