Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The 6Os!!! fashion sense is quite broad and i luv tryin out lots of of ma fave ideas is 2 go back in time and check out wot ma mum(major fashionista) wore in her time and pick out d really nice ones and find similar clothes...i especially luv d 60s coz i reckon dier style den was major sassy!!!

...aime cette robe aka i love this dress!!!.....its inspired by the 60s...d first fin dat caught ma eye about dis dress was d halter neck style..its soo unique...den i saw d boob me...evn if ur flat dis boob line wil make ur boobs look super amazing!!!
dese peep toe shoes were also inspired by d 60s althoe it has a little twist 2 it givin it dat risque look....i luv d fact that dose 5inch heels r d only part of it dats coral...i just luv it!!


  1. 5 STAR.....i would certainly wear dis wiv my hair up in a bun nd red lipstick....

  2. OMG
    this is absolutely gorgeous!
    the shoes are to die for oh em gee!!!
    i wish i could pull of red lipstick
    but i'm too dark-skinned
    bunmi ur fashion blog gets 10 starts from me lol

  3. lol...fanks fashion guru....i deffo lyk d hair up in a bun idea.....koro u make me laff...fank yhu hun....i dnt fink i can pull of red lipstick i got a yhu bbe!!!....d luvz mutual!!

  4. wow..dat dress is mahd oh...d halter straps r so unique....i really like it..i say 10 BIG GOLDEN STARS 4 dis

  5. I keep coming back to look at these shoes
    i am so in love

  6. so do i.....ive bin here so many times 2day....kai....dey rili r som sexy shoes!!!

  7. i love dis....d 60s were a gud fashion period....bunmi dis blog is jst sexy...ur fashion sense is on da it...dem shoes!!!...WOW!!

  8. high fives hunieee!!! especially luv that dress!!!
    thats wats up!
    and the shoes are simply as gorge as about to have a

  9. i luv dis.....i would most certainly definetely wear rockz!!

  10. deola ur such a joka....fankz hun....nd fank yhu 2 anon 14:57...

  11. d shoe is a killer..
    argh loves it!